Welcome to KidsGames Queensland

KidsGames is an exciting program for primary school children run in local communities across Queensland. It will include great activities including the World 12 x 10 Relay, sports, crafts, Bible stories, food and much more. All kids are welcome to come and join in the fun and make new friends.

The KidsGames Vision

The KidsGames vision is to see all children united globally, learning, and playing together, to bring about personal, spiritual, and community transformation. KidsGames is a partnership project that sees churches and community groups running a 5 day program at venue in your local area during the same week of the Winter school holidays.

KidsGames is Worldwide

KidsGames in each community is a multi-day, multi-group, sport-focused, value-based, global initiative for children. Cities and villages around the world have experienced the fun and action of KidsGames, and now it is our turn.

KidsGames is fun for everyone

KidsGames provides an excellent week of action including some World Championship events. In some games, the children will be competing against kids on the other side of the world as well as with kids in their own neighbourhood. They might be part of a team that sets a world record that is posted on the KidsGames international site.